A Vegan Misunderstanding

I have something to tell you. This altercation happened a few days ago around breakfast time.


Its not something Im proud of, and I don't recommend anyone else following the same actions, but I still feel that, in some small way, the actions were perhaps just, given the initial situation.


I noticed him starting to stare around 9.00am. It was this dead-pan type stare. There was no expression of anger nor hatred, just one of pure contentment. He had this wry smile on his face like he knew everything. He was plotting something, I just knew it. He had a mere complacent confidence that would make others around him feel uneasy. I asked him politely,


“What are you looking at me for?”




No reply.


I don't recall him even blinking.


A dead silence clouded the room. I started to feel uncomfortable and a little agitated. I could feel my palms begin to clam and my heartbeat raise every so slightly.


He continued to hold my gaze. The smile. THAT smile. It was daunting. I felt very intimidated. Confused and dismayed I asked again. This time,  in somewhat more of an aggressive tone,


“What the hell are you looking at?”


At that point, Im not sure if he was the one to come towards me, or I towards him, but thats where it all exploded. I felt threatened. My first flung back as I winced my teeth. I put absolutely everything I had into that first strike. And bam. Bam, bam bam. I just started lashing out. I knew he had to be hurting because I could feel my knuckles begin to throb. Left. Right. Bash, Bash. I didn't stop, I couldn't stop. I was like a caged animal fighting for his life. Panting. Screaming, Gasping for air. I was engulfed in a moment of pure hatred.


Noticing a red splatter all over the walls and warm liquid running down my fingers I stopped and opened my eyes cautiously.


“Im vegan” a little voice whimpered,


“I was just smiling because I noticed that you were vegan too!”


“But, but..” I began to mutter.


Feeling an overwhelming shadow of guilt consume me, I lowered my head in shame. I raised my messy red hand to my forehead as I began to apologise…


...And then ...


….then, I ate the little flat-faced twit.

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  • Great post! Love being led down the garden path and guessing how it would end and the good surprise at the end!


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