Ching Mai Vegans... Help Needed !

So, next week myself, my wife, my son and the extended family are taking a trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. The mother-in-law and my nephew and nieces are coming along too.

My Son Jeff & I

Im vegan, the rest of the family isn't. They're reasonable accepting of my 'odd dietary choices' and manage to contain their expert nutritional teachings to an every-now-and-again basis. In some respects, Im one of the lucky ones.

Obviously, during most meals when were away, Im usually left scouring the menu, trying to patch together some french fries with a dried-shrimp-free SomTam as my main. Of course, the dishes always arrive at completely different times, and the kids always eat all of the chips before the spicy salad has even been pounded. If Im lucky, I'll be able to find some Pat-Bung, and politely, repeatedly request they dont use fish sauce. Despite my pleadings, often I find its smothered in fermented fish guts on arrival.

*Breathe Peter, breathe*

Anyway, back to center. The thing is, Im quietly confident that during our week's stay, the extended family will be open to at least one vegan meal. Of course, upon realisation, the kids will spit out their foos and scream "ew, its vegan?", but hey, we can't win 'em all can we?!

Lentil Burger, as good as this one?

My question to all you lovely, wonderful, helpful, friendly, beautiful, kind, caring, healthy, planet saving, animal loving Chaing Mai Super Vegans is this:

If you had the choice to go to just ONE Vegan restaurant in Chinag Mai during your entire stay, which restaurant would it be - and what would you order?

Cheers in advance

Keep on saving the world vegan mo-fo's


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  • Nice blog Peter,
    My top pick is Anchan in the Nimman area
    It won’t disappoint the meat eaters.
    Super tasty quality Thai Food with large fulfilling portions. Make sure u get the Mussaman curry.

    Second I would choose Vegan Heaven. It’s got heaps of mock meat dishes, hotdogs ect. The young ones will love it too!
    Good Luck!

    LJ Esquire

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