Jeff, the Mangoes and the SQUIRILS!

This is our lovely Son Jeff, he's 3.

We have a mango tree in our garden ...


I know, I know... you're all jealous,

jealous, hateful, angry vegans...


It's not all fun & games you know- we had an intruder, a mango thief - so my son, my wife & I had to pick them all before they were ripe.










Came 3 days on a run and stole 3 mangoes - and don't give me any of that "were vegan, we should love animals bullsh&t" - put it this way, I didn't sneak into his home and steal any of his nuts, did I  -  well, did I ?!


It's a matter of respect little guy, and you crossed that line ! Little squirrel  - politely go munch on something else, and tell your friends not to come sniffing around here too !


After I calmed myself down and stopped shouting explicit profanities at a poor defenceless animal about a thirtieth of my size, my son told me,


"so big big mango, I strong boy !"

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