Today's Dinner

I thought I'd start of the blogs here with what I ate for dinner today, my favourite Thai Vegan Food...

..'Pad Bung Fai Daeng!'
In English, the dish is often called "Morning Glory". Make of that what you will ! I believe its a type of watercress - available at most Asian Stores outside of Thailand.

I love this Spicy & Garlicky. So easy to make, just throw it all in the pan and fry for a few minutes.

I added some small TVP and seasoned it with Liquid Aminos,  Vegan Oyster Soy Sauce, Mushroom Soy Sauce and Fermented Soybean 

Using TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) is easy. It comes in dry form and you simply need to pour boiling water on it for a few minutes rehydrate before cooking. You can season it and use it in any dish. The small chunks a similar to minced pork in texture.

What do you think? What do you put in your Pad Bung to make it taste good?

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