About us

Hi there. Im Peter, the founder of Vegan Store Bangkok. I wanted to let you know a little about myself, my journey to veganism and the path that led us to creating Thailand’s first, and only, fully vegan online store.


I’ll start with myself. My introduction to veganism was a serendipitous occurrence, a happy accident conceived from unfortunate circumstances. A few years ago I received some bad news - I was diagnosed with quite a serious illness. I was told by medical professionals that it could only be managed, never treated nor cured. I searched for natural cures and via my research, stumbled across nutritional detoxification. I was mostly influenced by Dr Morse.

I went from a slightly overweight, sluggish, unmotivated and very sick unhealthy eater into a fit, healthy, happy, illness free, vibrant person. It only took an extended juice fast and a few months of a raw vegan diet to fix me. Cured for life, by putting things into my mouth - can you imagine that?! Now I eat a range of vegan cooked & fresh foods and consider myself a wholefood(ish) plant based advocate.


Its safe to say that I was originally a ‘health vegan’ - but things started to change. Slowly, influenced and encouraged by friends, videos, social media, groups, and my own curiosity, I started to learn more and more about the ethical and environmental effects of the meat, dairy & egg industries. I felt my options and beliefs start to change. I started to question things, and the information I was absorbing became more and more real over time. It was a process. In all honestly, it was a relief - like taking off a pair of goggles and finally being able to see clearly for the first time.


I have a son, Jeff & a lovely wife, Lek - they're both non-vegans, but, thanks to my influence (and plethora of cooking attempts!) they have been eating a lot more plant based meals over the past few years. Jeff’s an absolute cutie - you’ll see far more of him if you follow Vegan Store Bangkok on Facebook.

The Vegan Store Bangkok was again, created following a combination of negative events. Our long term Beauty & Cosmetic business could no longer continue for personal reasons. We needed a new venture, and I was determined to combine it with my passion, my passion for clean and kind eating and living. We noticed there was a gap in the market that desperately needed filling. Its was a risk, it is a risk, and we’ve put everything we have; financially, physically and emotionally, into making this store successful. So I hope you join us on our journey to make Vegan Store Bangkok, our store, and your store, a thriving success over the coming year.


We are a small honest, humble, straight forward, family run business with a great team of lovely, friendly staff, helping us to stock, package and dispatch and lovingly supply you with vegan goods all over Thailand.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions - the success of Vegan Store Bangkok doesn't count solely on what I do, it depends on what everyone does, our staff, and ultimately you, our faithful customers. My wife told me it wouldn't work. “Theres aren't enough vegans in Thailand” she told me when I first had the lightbulb moment. “And even if there were, how would they get to know about the website?”. I told her I had no doubt in my mind, that it would work, because I know how helpful, kind and powerful the vegan movement, and the vegan people can be. We’ll shift mountains for our cause and push boulders to help our friends. Our aim is to evolve, grow and to be the place that is known by all vegans, vegetarians and healthy eaters in Thailand nationwide. Jump in, join us, be our new vegan friend.