Amla Powder (100g)

Amla Powder (100g)

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The Food with the highest concentration anti oxidants in the world.

Sprinkle in your smoothies, on your oats, in your juice or even on your baked goods. Take just 1 teaspoon per day to boost your antioxidant intake by 1000% !!

This really is a wonder product and has a whole list of health benefits such as:

Slows Down Ageing

Cures A Sore Throat

Fights Against Heart Disease

Increases Diuretic Activity

Increases Metabolic Activity

Reduces Blood Sugar

High In Digestive Fiber

Boosts Immunity

Prevents Formation Of Gall Bladder Stones

Prevents Ulcers

Is Anti-Inflammatory

Improves Eyesight

Purifies Blood

Strengthens Bones

Cools The Body

Prevents Constipation

Prevents Jaundice

Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

Protects Your Liver

Makes Skin Glow

Brightens Skin

Reduces Pigmentation

Prevents Lice

Prevents Greying Of Hair

Helps Increase Hair Growth ..... and MORE !!